Galeo is state-of-the-art geolocation calculator. You can use it to locate remote IP address using classic ping or traceroute utilities.

Key features of Galeo

  • assumes that the network is not homogenous (other algorithms employ the constant speed of data-flow approx 100km/msec)
  • the algorithm is extensible, reads various data resources including direct or probable positions of HW elements, their density in any part of the map, etc.
  • you may improve the calculation by
    • direct GPS coordinates of some routers
    • probable positions of some routers: you may specify unlimited number of towns where you suppose routers' locations
    • list of areas annotated by population density, etc.
    • your own fix in any phase of the calculation process
  • your probes may be deployed in any part of the network
  • you can follow the complete calculation process, so that you know what and why the algorithm does


The system measures the quality of connections between all acting networks. It guesses and measures various parameters. This way it gets a lot of data to guess the network topology and calculate the positions of any network element. The technique is similar to weather forecast, so that the computation is time consuming and requires you to employ multi-core computers.

The following example shows the performance of the algorithm using 9.6km (6miles) calibration precision. The target is seznam.cz site - one of the largest search services in the Czech republic. The next four pictures represent four snapshots of the network where the algorithm detected the target site.

Shot number oneShot number twoShot number threeShot number four

Finally, the four snapshots (and many supporting measurements) imply the final result: the location is Prague (50°3'37.325"N, 14°25'10.929"E), diameter 45km.

Final product

Yes, the target is located in Prague.

Comparison with other algorithms

According to various public tests, the SPOTTER algorithm is supposed to be one of the best... let us use its public service for the same task - the location of seznam.cz site. The result is less accurate: 183km (114miles) away, and the diameter is more than 3600km (2250miles)! Here is the respective visualization:

SPOTTER algorithm

Output of the SPOTTER algorithm.