Garbage-collector - Vacuum

You can optimize hash files used in toot operation.

$ java -jar egor.jar vacuum -help
usage: java.lang.Process [-d <DAYS>] [-help] [-n] -u <FILENAME>
 -d,--dead-line <DAYS>            number of days, default: 14
 -help                            print this message
 -n,--dry-run                     Read-only simulation mode
 -u,--unique-hash-db <FILENAME>   Content hash database

This operation removes all obsolete hash records of posted statuses.

Hash files shorter than several megabytes need not be optimized on modern hardware.


The filename points to hash file which will be optimized.


Records which are younger than the given number of days are not removed from the hash file.


Do not write an optimized hash file, just show the statistics.