J5m-starter module is responsible to boot the j5m platform. The central class is j5m.Start which reads the following command line parameters:

j5m.Start [-h] [-d <NAME>] [-n <NAME>] [-r <NUM>]
  -h          help
  -d <NAME>   domain name
  -n <NAME>   nugget name
  -r <NUM>    start with the run level

The startup procedure chooses one of the bootstrap procedures. By default, the j5m.Start uses ParanoiaBootstrap style: it activates protection domains of Java code and defines separate class loader for each domain.

The bootstrap also search for labeled directories. These directories can be referenced from the user code, simplifying the development of applications in heterogenous environments. The root of the search operation is specified by -Dfs=... system property (use path separator to specify more than one directory).

Last, bootstrap activates SPI modules. They may read more system properties. For more details, see the respective modules. The default ones are multicast and LDAP registries. They are activated according to the wareProvider system property:

wareProvider Activated registry service
multicast multicast
otherwise LDAP

For instance:

java -DwareProvider=multicast j5m.Start


java -DwareProvider=ldap://ldap.server.intranet.home/ j5m.Start

The distribution package uses multicast registry in the provided j5m start script.