Safety Care Web Application

Application that helps you share, process, distribute and manage your tracking information.
How-to use this GPS and GSM location system:

Why does this application support SMS and data?

Data transfers require a solid mobile network, stable Internet connectivity, robust server infrastructure, etc. All these elements are out of scope of your mobile operator guaranteed services. SMS is simpler and might be better in critical situations, thus SafetyCare allows you to run with SMS, data, or both.

By default, none data is sent to this web application. You must activate this feature and register your account.
If the data transfers are enabled in your SafetyCare application, the records are sent to this web site through a secure channel (HTTPS). You can still enable SMS delivery, so that both communication channels work together.
The Android application must be configured with your credentials for this web application. Enter your account/membership username and password. The same credentials may be used for several devices. You can distinguish the respective location records, if you configure a nickname of the device correctly.
The location records are available for your eyes only in the membership section. You can view your outgoing or incoming records. Do not forget to read the user documentation - it describes more details than this short overview. Moreover, you can fetch all your records via REST interface, if you want to import the data to your personal systems.
Users 4,391
POI 1,582,735
Operators 2,073
Towers 446,192