J5m-ldapreg implements LDAP registry service which is essential for LDAP managed installations.


LDAP registry is activated according to the wareProvider system property as described in the starter module. This property must specify the target LDAP URL, e.g. ldap://ldap.cluster01.intranet/.

Other system properties which are read include:

System property Meaning Default value
warePrincipal username for LDAP login cn=Middleware Registry,ou=People,dc=cluster01,dc=egothor
warePassword password for LDAP login registry
wareObjectsDN location of objects records in LDAP tree ou=Object Registry,dc=cluster01,dc=egothor
wareCfgDN location of configurations records in LDAP tree ou=Configuration,dc=cluster01,dc=egothor
wareBootDN location of boot records in LDAP tree ou=Initial Directory,dc=cluster01,dc=egothor

Your LDAP server must include definitions for Java, JMX, and middleware entities. The middleware entities are part of this module, see middleware.schema. A fresh LDAP tree is distributed as middleware.ldif file.